RUSK Anti-Frizz Spray (Humidity resistant Working Spray)

Our Price: $ 7.00 - $9.00

RUSK Anti-Frizz Spray provides all-day humidity resistance by creating an invisible barrier between your hair and that thick, hot air! It delivers style control but doesn't weigh hair down and provides color protection, too! Spray it on and control frizz while neutralizing the effects of humidity.

WHAT IS IT? RUSK Anti-Frizz Spray (Humidity-Resistant Working Spray)

WHO IS IT FOR? Anyone who desires anti-frizz protection that lasts all day.

WHAT DOES IT DO? Provides all-day humidity resistance, creating an invisible barrier to style-busting humidity. Delivers style control because you can't control the weather. Does not weigh hair down. Provides color protection and strengthens hair.

HOW DO YOU USE IT? After achieving desired style, spray over entire head to lock out humidity all day long