RUSK Freezing Spray (Humidity-Resistant Hairspray)

Our Price: $ 3.50 - $9.50

Description - Give styling miracles the reverence they deserve. Our humidity-resistant hairspray stops time at least for a day to preserve any masterpiece. Looking for extreme? How about gravity-defying shape and definition plus shine. Achieve perfection, then reach for RUSK Freezing Spray to keep it that way.


WHAT IS IT: RUSK Freezing Spray (Humidity-Resistant Hairspray)
WHO IS IT FOR:Anyone who desires extreme, long-lasting hold.
WHAT DOES IT DO: Quick-drying hairspray that delivers powerful shape, definition and shine for all-day extreme hold. Humidity resistant. Will not build up or fade color. Flake-free.
HOW DO YOU USE IT: After achieving desired style, spray over entire head to lock in style and lock out humidity.