RUSK Texture Spray (Dry Finishing Hairspray)

Our Price: $ 3.50 - $9.00

Description - Great style starts with a great cut. But it needs a texturing hairspray to show off its killer shape. Like an instant volumizer, it injects fullness and natural movement with a few quick bursts. Spray, sway and stun. That's how RUSK Texture Spray rolls.


WHAT IS IT: RUSK Texture Spray (Dry Finishing Hairspray)
WHO IS IT FOR: All hair types, including chemically colored and natural hair.
WHAT DOES IT DO: Adds texture, shape and grip to create instant volume and fullness. Maintains hair's natural sway and movement.
HOW DO YOU USE IT: Shake can well. Spray in short bursts on roots or entire head to achieve a flexible, finished hold