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New Talent, Seasoned Support

As indie designers sent their designs down the catwalk at Nolcha Fashion Week New York for fall/winter 2013, Rusk artists had their back.

For the second consecutive season, Rusk sponsored Nolcha Fashion Week, held at New York City's Pier 59 Studios to preview the Fall 2013 creations from independent fashion designers.

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MiraCurl Miracle

The tool is silent, but the buzz is deafening.

It's the latest of those "must see to believe," revolutionary tools that get everyone buzzing. BaBylissPro MiraCurl creates the perfect curl every time whether you're the stylist or the client. Clamp the hair, and watch the magic! There's no curling barrel, but more of a heat-containing bowl that seems to gobble up a section of hair and curl it with no tangles, no need to move your hand and no errors. Everyone who tries it has the same, single-word reaction: Amazing!

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A White Geisha

Rusk artist Maggie O'Rourke blurs the cultures when challenged to create editorial hair for an edgy East-meets-West photo shoot.

When a creative Japanese photographer and a talented Rusk artist put their heads together, you never know what you might get. "Hair styling has always been a creative outlet for me, and I was ready for something new and challenging,"" says Maggie O'Rourke, a member of the Rusk Junior Master Design Team and a stylist at Oliver's Twist Salon in Roanoke, Virginia.

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Old Is New Again

While innovations in treatments and equipment have marked the spa industry from its inception, much of the spa experience remains tied to age-old therapies.

Spa is both one of the newest industries and one of the oldest traditions. The concept of a mind-body connection goes back 2,000 years, to the times of ancient Chinese therapies and Ayurvedic massage, while aromatherapy treatments use many of the same essential oils infused into ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman baths.